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The Dragonmen Line is Here. Helmets come fully assembled. Choose from many different style components that when put together will be your own design. Helmets come fully assembledwith the options you choose. More options are added periodically.All ready have a Helm? Why not change the look. You can purchase any of the options separately and add to your own Helm. The Helm you build comes with the options you choose. To start building your own custom helmet just choose the helmet style either round or conical shaped.Build your Helm from our list of options.Add to your helmet and to your cart.You can see how much your custom helm will cost.You can remove and add options to suit your likes and budget. Custom component requests honored. Choose nose guards, visors, eye guards, ear and neck guards, horns, wings and more. Helms are available padded with foam rubber. Great for Gift's. Custom embossed emblems/ Coat of Arms/ Regiment Badges can also be added your helmet. Send us your image by fax or e-mail. Or just a description. Shipping is Free for all Build A Helms in the USA. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. All Build A Helms are made to order and non returnable. Examples of finished  Helms are shown to the Left. Helmets come fully assembled. Try it out! No need to buy now. Help preserve the American Craftsman. Buy American. Thank you.

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